About Me

I'm Kelly, the owner & maker behind Hunny Bean Clay! I am currently living in Charlotte, NC where I have been for 6 years and lived in Queens, NY previously. Growing up as the youngest of 4, I was way more interested in climbing trees, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. But as I got older I realized how beautiful I felt when I actually put together an outfit, especially when I threw on some killer earrings.


When I moved away from New York and my entire family, I fell into a bit of a darkness. I was depressed and lonely and felt like I was just going through the motions of life. Working with clay has instantly made me feel like I have been pulled out of that dark room where I have been sitting for years, and I feel like I have a purpose again. It lit a light inside of me that I didn't even know was there. Having you purchase from me is supporting my family and my dreams. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart!